Why our neon’s?

There are bright colored shirts and there are true pigment dyed neon shirts. We provide true pigment dyed neon shirts, just like in the 80’s.

We start with a heavy 100% cotton shirt for extra softness. Each shirt is then garment dyed using a pigment dye process. The pigment process allows us to embed the optical coloring into the garment to give it that iridescent glow. Under a black light, our shirts glow like no other.

These shirts will quickly become one of the favorites in your customers closet. The more they are washed, the softer they become. The tones will soften like any pigment dyed shirt.

Please note that our shirts are fashion shirts, not safety worker shirts. Pigment dyes are not meant to have the same optical qualities recommended by ANSI for the safety of outdoor workers. For the safety of outdoor workers, the use of safety green and safety orange made by the large mills is recommended.

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