Marketing Support

NeonTees is a brand of true pigment dyed neon shirts that is recognized for it's quality and bright colors. Word of mouth has spread our products far and wide. Customers routinely walk into their local screen-print shop asking for our shirts by name.

Hot markets include the Collegiate/Greek market, High schools and Elementary schools and sports clubs to name a few. Anybody who wants a unique bright shirt is a potential customer.

We offer free catalogs and swatch cards and low-cost samples for you to keep in your shop. This is the BEST way to sell the shirts. No web site, e-mail blast or printed piece can sell them as well as the actual shirt. Once customers see the bright colors and touch the softened fabric, they are an easy upsell from the basic tee. If you have a retail front, put a few in the front window and watch the heads turn.

We have swatch cards available at no charge (reasonable quantities please) and offer electronic copies of most of our images.

Reviewing the frequently asked questions is a good way to familiarize yourself with the unique characteristics of our product. As always, feel free to contact us and we can help explain any part of the shirts from the unique dye through sales and decoration.